Vaughan-Bushnell 32 ounce hardwood flooring mallet

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Best budget flooring mallet

The Vaughan-Bushnell flooring mallet is the top choice for wood handle flooring mallets. At 32 ounces, it might be a bit on the light side - requiring higher velocity swings in some cases. But all in all for the price, this is a well-designed and well-built flooring mallet. Anyone that prefers a wood handle or wants a budget flooring mallet would be very happy with this choice.

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For anyone looking for a traditional hickory wood handle hardwood flooring mallet, the Vaughan-Bushnell 32 ounce flooring mallet is the way to go.  It has a great grip and balance similar to the old school Bostitch mallets.

The rubber end is a nice soft yet firm feel and will easily grip boards to help slide them into place.  The striking plate is well formed and sloped well to allow striking the hardwood planks on both tongue and groove sides.

While we have personally grown weary of gripping a wood handle for hours on end and prefer the graphite/rubber styles like the Bostitch HFM-3, this is a great flooring mallet for those who prefer the feel of wood against their palm is also great for those on a budget as this model is cheaper than it’s Bostitch equivalent.

Vaughan 192-06 SFM32 Flooring Nailer Mallet, 32-Ounce, Hickory Handle

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