Freeman RPDX50M flooring mallet

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The Freeman RPDX50M flooring mallet is in our opinion a lesson in mediocrity. It is not the worst hardwood mallet in the world, but given it's price it could and should be a lot better.

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If you are a devoted fan of Freeman products, then this is probably the mallet for you.  If you are just looking for a good flooring mallet to replace your lost or broken one, then this is probably not the mallet for you.

While we have no problem with the rubber grip nor the fiberglass handle, the design overall is simply underwhelming.  It is very lightweight, meaning you will have to produce more velocity in your swing to counteract the lightness.  This is not always the easiest thing to do when you are nearing walls or other obstacles.

The worst part in our opinion is the back angle on the metal striking side.  It is far too flat and in our opinion is going to lead to accidental marring of the finished side of the hardwood. Even securing a board on the tongue side with such a flat surface one will have to be careful not to mar or create compression marks on the finished side of the hardwood.

There are better options out there for similar prices, so in our opinion this is a flooring mallet to strike off your list.

Freeman RPDX50M Fiberglass Handled Mallet

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