Bostitch HFM-4 59 ounce hardwood flooring mallet

9.5 Total Score
Best mallet for manual nailer

This mallet has the weight and all the best designs, perfect for anyone using a manual (non air-assisted) hardwood nailer

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The Bostitch HFM-4 59 ounce hardwood mallet is the big brother of the HFM-3 model.  This heavier mallet is designed to work best with the Bostitch manual nailer. You do NOT NEED this heavier mallet for air assisted flooring nailers, the Bostitch HFM-3 will do fine for that job.

Sturdy graphite construction with an ergonomic handle make it easy and comfortable to use for hours at a time.  The balance is excellent and the rubber grip works well even if hands get moist or sweaty.  The striking plate is angled well to allow tapping of the wood from either tongue or groove side with ease without much fear of damaging the face of the hardwood.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional using this mallet everyday, the Bostitch HFM-4 will help you do the job more precisely and with greater ease.


BOSTITCH HFM-4 59-Ounce Graphite Flooring Mallet

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