Best Electric Lawnmowers for 2020

Electric lawnmowers have been around for years, but have recently started to gain a surge of appeal as electric equipment manufacturers add beefier batteries, more muscle and other performance-enhancing features.

There are several benefits to buying an electric lawnmower, starting with their quieter operation compared to its gas counterparts, and the fact that it doesn’t spew fumes. Adding to this, cordless lawnmowers are cost efficient to run, because they do not require gasoline or costly maintenance.  

But just like all other tools on the market, electric lawnmowers do have their fair share of drawbacks including their performance, which depends on battery power. This means that you may have to pause midway while mowing your lawn if the battery drains out.

HINT: try to buy an electric lawnmower that has the power capacity to match the size of your lawn.

On a brighter note, cordless lawnmowers require little or no maintenance, given that there are no gasoline refills, oil changes or spark plug replacements to deal with.

Buying the best electric lawnmower however can be a tricky task, owing to the overwhelming number of  options available today. We have diligently checked out the best performing and rated lawnmowers, and present you with 5 best electric lawnmower models that will help you cut your grass without breaking a sweat.

Top 5 Battery Operated Lawn Mowers for 2020

In our review we have analyzed 26 different makes and models of battery operated lawnmowers and sorted through over 1,325 reviews to ensure a positive buying experience no matter which model you choose.

For your viewing convenience, below is a summary of our findings with detailed reviews of each model following.

Wondering what features are important to you? Check out our buying guide for all the key features that are important in your buying decision.


Lawnmowers Tested


Reviews Analyzed

Rating: 9.9
Best Overall
The Greenworks 21-Inch 80V cordless lawnmowers features a lightweight design, and is powered by a brushless motor and 80V 2AH li-ion battery. It delivers the same performance as a 160cc gas engine, and comes with two rechargeable batteries for double the runtime.
Rating: 9.8
Best Self-Propelled
The Snapper HD MAX Electric self-propelled Lawnmower comes with a Briggs & Stratton 48V MAX 5.0 lithium ion battery, which when fully charged allows it to run continuously for up to 60 minutes. It features a wide 20-inch steel mowing deck, and offers 7-height height adjustment positions with a single lever.
Rating: 9.6
Best Small Deck
The Greenworks 14-Inch cordless lawnmower comes with a 4 AH - 40V battery, which is good for 45 minutes when fully charged. It features a 14-inch deck, making it a great choice for small to medium size lawns, and offers 5-position height adjustment ranging from 1-1/4 inches to 3-3/8-inches.
Rating: 9.5
Most Versatile
The Greenworks Pro cordless lawnmower provides up to 45 minutes runtime, and is equipped with a wide 21-inch durable steel deck. It comes with a brushless motor for quiet operation, more torque and longer service life, and allows you to side discharge, rear bag or mulch the grass clippings.
Rating: 9.2
Best Budget Lawnmower
The Sun Joe iON16LM electric lawnmower offers a no-fuss operation, and features a powerful brushless motor, compact design, and 6-position height adjustment. It is ETL approved, Energy 5 Star rated, and is a great choice for small to medium size lawns.

1. Greenworks 21-Inch 80V Lawn Mower

Greenworks is one of the leading names in the lawn mower market, and the 21-Inch 80V lawnmower is yet another hit addition to the company’s vast lineup of products. Tipping the scales at nearly 80 lbs, the Greenworks 80v electric lawnmower is easy to maneuver, and features a robust brushless motor for superior performance and service life.

It is powered by a large capacity 80V 2AH li-ion battery, which allows it to run for twice as long as a 40-volt battery. Each battery when fully charged offers 60 minutes of runtime, which is great for lawns that measure an acre or more.

And if that’s not enough, this cordless lawnmower from Greenworks comes with two 80V 2AH li-ion quick charge batteries, so you get twice the amount of runtime for the same price. The Greenworks 80v electric lawnmower looks similar in design to a racecar with its large 7-inch wheels, and angled design.

It is made from tough grade polymer, so it can resist a fair bit of wear and tear, while producing zero emissions. Adding to this, it offers a wide 21-inch cutting path, which reduces the number of passes needed to mow your lawn.

The Greenworks 80v lawnmower is equipped with a height adjustment lever, which allows you to choose between seven cutting heights, making it easy to get a clean, smooth and polished cut each time. It comes with Greenwork’s patented Smart Cut Load sensing technology, which produces high quality cuts as well as conserves charge when cuts are easy.

The Greenworks 80v electric lawnmower features a 3-in-1 design, which allows you to choose your cut finish from mulch, rear bag, and side discharge. It is easy to use with its onsite push start button, and move around without any pesky cords. The cordless 80v Greenworks lawnmower comes with a 30 minutes rapid fast charger, and is backed by an industry leading 4-year manufacturer warranty.


  • 60 minutes run time per charge
  • Comes with 2 - 80V 2AH li-ion quick charge batteries and rapid charger
  • Mulch, rear bag, and side discharge options
  • Smart Cut Load sensing technology
  • 21-inch cutting path and height adjustment lever
  • Brushless motor equivalent to 160cc gas engine


  • Not self-propelled
  • May make a little noise when operated at high speeds

2. Snapper HD MAX Electric Lawnmower

If you’re looking for the best self-propelled electric lawnmower, the Snapper HD MAX is hard to beat. It is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 48V MAX 5.0 lithium ion battery, which when fully charged allows it to run for roughly 60 minutes. Additionally, it offers 21-inch cuts, and features three discharge options – mulch, bag and side discharge.

This feature rich cordless lawnmower from Snapper comes with a self-propelled drive system, mated with a push button start, which collectively allow you to set your desired mowing speed, and mow with little or no effort. Adding to its long list of features is its onboard height adjustment lever, which lets to toggle between seven different heights to help achieve your preferred lawn height.

The Snapper HD MAX cordless lawnmower weighs approximately 65 pounds, making it easy to haul around, and comes with a brushless motor for greater longevity. Further, it features Intelligent Load-Sensing technology, which provides optimum power levels while you mow for unmatched efficiency.

The Snapper HD MAX does nothing more than whisper, so you can cut your lawn at any time of day without waking up the neighbors. It can be stored vertically, saving you precious space in your garage or shed. The Snapper HD MAX does not require much maintenance, and is ready to get to work right out of the box with one lithium ion battery and a rapid charger.


  • Briggs & Stratton 48V MAX 5.0 lithium ion battery
  • Brushless motor
  • 60 minutes runtime
  • Vertical storage
  • Height adjustment lever


  • Does not come with extra battery

3. Greenworks 14-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

Another hit from the Greenworks stable, the 14-Inch cordless lawnmower is a bit distinct from other products on this list of best electric lawnmowers owing to its 14-inch deck, which is made from plastic, so it wont rust over time, and works great for tight corners and smaller yards.

It boasts a compact footprint, weighs just 33.3 lbs, and is equipped with sharp blades for quicker cuts. Furthermore, the Greenworks 14-Inch cordless electric lawnmower comes with a 40v battery, which when fully charged allows you to cut up to half acre lawns or 45 minutes runtime without any hiccups. It is appointed with a battery life indicator, which lets you know when battery juice is running low.

Speaking of which, the 14-Inch cordless lawnmower from Greenworks comes with smartcut technology, which automatically increases the speed of the blade when more power is needed. It can be ordered in a choice of two different sizes, 14-inch and 19-inch, making it easy to get the right model for your needs.

The 14-Inch Greenworks electric lawnmower features a single lever, five position height adjustment system that allows you to get the right height ranging from 1-1/4 inches to 3-3/8-inches. It comes with a large bushel bagger to collect the grass clippings, and even offers mulching capabilities.


  • 4 AH - 40V Battery with 45 minutes runtime
  • 14-inch plastic deck - No Rust
  • Single lever, 5 position height adjustment
  • Mulching capabilities and collection bag
  • Smartcut technology


  • May not be ideal for large size yards

4. Greenworks Pro Self-Propelled Electric Lawnmower

For a self-propelled cordless lawnmower that offers no room for disappointment and comes in with a massive number of raving cordless lawnmower reviews, the Greenworks Pro Self-Propelled Electric Lawnmower is worth a second look. For starters, it showcases a self-propelled system which can be adjusted on the fly to match your stride, making your job virtually effortless on the lawn.

It is a great choice for small to medium size lawns, thanks to its rather wide 21-inch steel deck that allows you to cater to large areas quickly and efficiently. Further, this cordless lawnmower from Greenworks gets its power from an 80v brushless motor, which provides more torque, and long service life.

When fully charged, it can run up to 45 minutes continuously on a single charge of its included rechargeable 4Ah battery. The Greenworks self-propelled lawnmower features a 3-in-1 design, allowing you to mulch, collect clippings in the rear bag or simply discharge the grass clippings from the side of the mower.

Unlike other poor-quality cordless lawnmowers, this model from the Greenworks stable features innovative Smart Cut technology, which triggers its to increase the speed of its integrated razor sharp blade automatically when more power is needed in order to achieve the best cut possible.

The height of the Greenworks self-propelled electric lawnmower can be adjusted via 7 different positions and with a single lever. Further, it can be stored vertically in your garage or shed for more space and an uncluttered look, and features a push start button, so its ready to go when you are. To top things off, the Greenworks self-propelled lawnmower is backed by a 4-year tool and 2-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.


  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 80v brushless motor
  • 7 position height adjustment
  • Vertical storage
  • Rechargeable 4Ah battery for 45 minutes runtime


  • Mulching in taller grass may be a bit challenging

5. Sun Joe iON16LM Lawn Mower

This list of best lawnmowers would be deemed incomplete without including a model from Sun Joe – one of the world’s leading suppliers of outdoor tools. Even though the Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt rings in with a highly affordable price tag, it comes with a rich set of features such as a powerful brushless motor that delivers better efficiency and longevity.

It boasts a compact design, and is powered by a 40 V iONMAX lithium ion battery, which is good for 45 minutes until the next battery charge replenishment. This makes it an ideal choice to cut small to medium size lawns or those with tight corners. The iON16LM cordless lawnmower is equipped with an ergonomic handle, and starts instantly with its push start button.

It offers a 15-inch cutting width, and is appointed with a multi-position height adjustment quick latch wheel, allowing you to mow without adding stress to your arms and back. The iON16LM cordless lawnmower from Greenworks offers two cutting options – a side discharge chute and mulch, and comes with a large 9.25-gallon detachable grass bag to collect the clippings.

The iON16LM cordless lawnmower features EcoSharp technology for excellent job performance, and offers a six-position height adjustment, starting from 1.18 to 3.15 inches. It features both a safety key and safety switch, and can be moved across rugged lawns with ease with its four all terrain wheels.


  • Durable steel blade
  • 6 height adjustment
  • Brushless motor
  • Rechargeable 40 V iONMAX lithium ion battery
  • 15 inch cutting width


  • May not work well on taller grass

Best Cordless Lawnmower Buying Guide

Electric lawnmowers can be big ticket purchases, which is why it is recommended that you consider the factors mentioned below before making an investment.

Cordless vs corded – All the models mentioned on this list are powered by rechargeable batteries, so there are no wires hanging around as you mow. However, there are also models that can be plugged into an electric outlet available in the market, which means that you not only have to risk tripping over the power cord, but will also need one or more extension cords to extend the range.

Cutting width/deck size – the deck size is basically the width of the mower’s cutting swath, where the wider the deck size, the less you will have to pass across the lawn area.  If you have a smaller lawn with lots of tight turns, you might be better off with a smaller deck to make maneuvering easier. On the other hand, for larger lawns, try to get the largest cutting width available to make quicker work of cutting your lawn.

Grass management – this commonly includes three options to choose from –shoot the grass clippings to the side, mulch the clippings back into your lawn, or collect the clippings in an integrated bag for mulching and disposal.  If you mow your lawn regularly and don’t let it grow to tall, we suggest you use the mulching option as this will return the cut grass to the lawn and add nutrients naturally.

Height adjustment – this is important because lawn care experts recommend not cutting your grass less than 30 percent of its overall height. Grass tends to get weaker when cut below this height, hence may be less resilient to dry weather, and susceptible to disease. The best cordless electric lawnmowers allow you to adjust the height between several positions with a single onsite lever.

Starting mechanism – the best electric lawnmowers are easy to start with a dedicated push start button, so you don’t have to apply any extra muscle struggling with a starter cord generally seen with gasoline lawnmowers.

Push vs. self-propelled – self-propelled lawnmowers just as the name would suggest propel themselves forward automatically, and are generally easier to operate. This is a great mechanism to have if you buy a heavy mower or if you have a large size lawn to cut. But if you have a small to medium size lawn, a push type electric lawnmower is an ideal choice.  A push mower will also give you more exercise if that is a consideration for you.

Brushless Motor – Battery operated lawn mowers already require far less maintenance than their gas powered counterparts but choosing an electric lawn mower that features a brushless motor is an ideal choice.  Not only does a brushless motor consume less power, it provides greater power and torque.  Additionally, there are no brushes to wear out over time, meaning almost zero maintenance required other than normal cleaning and blade sharpening.

Wondering exactly what a brushless motor is and how it can benefit you?  Check out this video for a complete explanation.

Final Thoughts

The best lawnmowers not only cut the grass well, but also save you a significant amount of cash spent on gasoline and maintenance each year. Plus, they are easy and cost efficient to maintain, are virtually silent, and perhaps most importantly do not emit any dangerous fumes into the air.

The five best cordless lawnmowers mentioned on this list come with all the essential features for smooth performance such as push button start, height adjustment via a lever, and are powered by long lasting rechargeable batteries, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Remember to choose a lawn mower based on our simple buying guide above for your particular needs and you should have a quiet, efficient lawn mower for years to come that is not only easy to use but is better for the environment as well.

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